Terms and Conditions

Zoek je de voorwaarden in het Nederlands? Voici! (Oké, dat is Frans, maar de voorwaarden zijn écht in het Nederlands geschreven.)

A dull but important subject: the conditions that apply to the music courses and projects for adults, which include the baroque weekend and the baroque music summer week. The general terms and conditions of Wegwijzer in Muziek (for other types of courses and activities) can be found in the Dutch PDF in the footer of this website. There you will also find the privacy policy (also in Dutch).

The amounts mentioned include 21% VAT, unless stated otherwise.

One more thing: a password-protected webpage is created for every event. The following details are published on this page: your forename and surname; town or city; email address; instrument and/or voice type. Participants can use this information to plan rehearsals or to lift-share. By agreeing to the general terms and conditions you also give permission for this use of your information.

Article 1 – Formation of the music course agreement

1.1 The music course agreement comes into effect as soon as you accept the organiser’s offer. This is the case whether you are coming to a course as a participant or as the partner of a participant. You register by filling in and submitting the digital registration form on the website. The date of receipt is the date on which the agreement comes into effect.

1.2 The organiser’s offer is provisional. It can be revised, if necessary. The organiser will inform you of the revised offer as soon as possible. If you wish to decline the revised offer, you and/or your partner are entitled to an immediate refund of any payment.

1.3 The content of the offer can be found in mailings or on the organiser’s website. Errors do occur of course, and in this case the organiser is not bound by the mistaken content. Similarly, if another party publishes something incorrect about a course organised by Wegwijzer in Muziek / Hieke van Hoogdalem (for example an announcement of a final concert with the wrong start time) the course organiser is not liable for this.

1.4 Your partner is very welcome to come along to the summer week if there is sufficient accommodation available. Availability for non participating partners is shown automatically on the registration form. You and your partner should each fill in a form.

Article 2 – Your preferences

2.1 On the registration form you can specify dietary requirements, and accommodation/music preferences. We will of course take the specified diet and/or allergies into account, and we do our best with your other preferences too.

If there are no more single rooms available, we will immediately contact you to find a suitable solution. You can indicate on the registration form whether you would accept a twin room if necessary.

Article 3 – Course fees and payment

3.1 All amounts mentioned in mailings and on web pages apply per person (unless stated otherwise) and only include the services and facilities as described in those mailings and web texts.

Prices are based on costs, duties and taxes as known to the organizer when the course is put together. The organizer reserves the right to increase the course fee up to 21 days before the first day of the course as a result of increases in those fees and prices. This also applies to agreements that have already been concluded. Do not fear: if it happens at all, it will probably only concern small amounts such as tourist tax.

3.2 When you register, you will receive an invoice within a few days. For the baroque music summer week, we split the payment into a deposit of €300, and a residual payment which must be paid no later than two months before the start of the course. If you register within eight weeks of the start of the summer course you will receive one invoice for the full amount.

For the baroque weekend or other courses/projects that cost less than €300 you will receive one invoice for the total amount.

You will receive the invoice for the summer week after your application form has been received by the organiser.

3.2.1 The organiser charges € 1.10 administration fee for each invoice.

3.3 If you do not pay your invoice within the stipulated time period, the organiser will send you a reminder and possibly a second one. After that the organiser will dissolve the agreement and your (and – in case of a non participating partner – your partner’s) place will be made available to someone else.

In that case, the provisions regarding cancellation by the participant apply and the already paid part (in most cases the deposit) of the course fee will be deducted from the cancellation costs.

3.4 If you do not pay on time and the organiser terminates the agreement with you, the organiser reserves the right to charge for the additional work that this creates. This concerns 15% of the amount of the relevant invoice with a minimum of €100.

Article 4 – Course duration and program

4.1 The course duration is stated in whole days. The days of arrival and departure count in full, regardless of the time when the course starts and ends.

4.2 If you arrive at the course late, or miss the course, due to unexpected circumstances, the organiser cannot refund the course fee (or part thereof). It may, however, be possible to claim on your travel/cancellation insurance if you have taken out such insurance.

Article 5 – Changes by the participant

5.1 Organising a course is a lot of fun to do, but is also very time-consuming. To do this efficiently, we prefer not to have to make too many changes after the offer has been accepted. (For example: rearranging accommodation because you change your mind about wanting to bring your partner, or ensembles because you decide you want to play a different instrument.)
Such changes are possible, but only if there is a good reason. We will look at the possibilities together and we will give you a quote for the charges which will be incurred for the reorganisation. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with the new arrangement.

Incidentally, such changes only form part of the agreement after the organiser has confirmed the changes in writing.

5.2 You can submit a change request up to 28 days before the first course day. (Not to be confused with cancellation, see article 9.) Your request will only be granted if the service providers involved in the course approve your request. In addition to the organiser, also think of the teachers,. the cook and the accommodation manager.

Article 6 – Changes by the organizer

6.1 Circumstances may require the programme to be adjusted before or during the course. (Changes made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic are included in this.) The adjustments may, for example (but not exclusively), mean a change of location, or that repertoire and/or line-up is changed from what was indicated in the publication. The organiser will of course do her best to limit any adverse consequences for you (and your partner).

6.2 The organiser may, if really necessary, change the agreement on an important point. In that case you, the participant/partner, are entitled to a refund of (the already paid part of) the participation costs or a proportional part thereof if the course is already partially over. If you wish to exercise your right to a refund, please notify the organiser within 24 hours of being notified of the change. Tip: do that by e-mail, then it will be in black and white which makes it clearer for everyone.

6.3 Of course we will inform you as soon as possible of any changes in agreement or circumstances, as described in article 6. If this happens when the course has already started, the organiser will provide an appropriate solution with a view to continuation of the course. In the unlikely event that this does not work, or if you have a good reason not to agree with the alternative offered, the organiser will ensure that you can go home. Together we will reach a solution.

Article 7 – Liability of the organiser

7.1 The organiser is liable for the proper execution of the obligations arising from the agreement. She is therefore doing her utmost to live up to the expectations created in the publications.

7.2 The organiser is not liable for damage resulting from:

a. circumstances that can be attributed to the participant/partner of the participant, for example due to health problems

b. actions and influences of parties that are not directly involved in the execution of the agreement

c. circumstances that cannot reasonably be attributed to the organiser according to the law or the standards applicable in society

7.3 Unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions, the organiser does not accept any liability for damage for which travel and/or cancellation insurance provides cover, unless the damage is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of the organiser.

7.4 The exclusions and/or limitations of the organiser’s liability included in this article also apply to the service providers involved and their personnel, unless a treaty or law excludes this.

Article 8 – Obligations of the participant

8.1 It goes without saying that we all – participants, teachers and organiser – want to do our best to make it a pleasant course. In the unlikely event that something is wrong, we assume that you will follow the necessary instructions. But if you fail to do so and cause damage as a result, you are liable for it.

8.2 If you cause a disturbance or nuisance in a way that makes the execution of the course very difficult, the organiser or a teacher can exclude you from further participation. Any resulting costs will then be your responsibility.

8.3 The organiser will provide you with assistance if you are in need. We have a duty to help, but also of course we wish to help wherever possible. You are strongly advised (and requested) to take out travel and/or baggage insurance as this can often make problems easier to deal with.

If you choose not to do so, you indemnify the organiser against the consequences and damage resulting from the fact that you have not taken out adequate travel, accident and luggage insurance.

Article 9 – Cancellation by the participant

9.1 If you are unable to attend the course, notify the organisation of your cancellation by e-mail and your message will be immediately recorded in writing.

The moment when the organisation takes note of this is the notification date of cancellation.

Please note: when you cancel, you will be liable for costs incurred which depend on how much notice you give before the start of the course:

a. up to 56 days’ notice: 15% of the course fee/deposit as specified in article 3.2
b. 56 days to 42 days’ notice: 30% of the course fee
c. 42 days to 28 days’ notice: 50% of the course fee
d. 28 days to 14 days’ notice: 75% of the course fee
e. 14 days to 7 days’ notice: 90% of the course fee
f. 7 or few days’ notice: 100% of the course fee

You can cover this risk by taking out cancellation insurance.

9.2 If you are unexpectedly unable to participate in a course and not entitled to reimbursement of cancellation costs via your insurance, you may designate another suitable person to take your place. This is possible up to 28 days before the first day of the course, with the following conditions:

a. the teachers, organisation and any other parties involved must approve it. This is important, given that participation is by invitation only. In this way we ensure a consistent high level. It is also important that the music which has already been selected can be performed by the resulting group.

b. your replacement meets all conditions attached of the course agreement.

c. your replacement registers via the online registration form and makes it clear that he/she/they has taken note of the information about the course and the conditions provided by the organiser (which you are now reading).

9.3 You and your replacement are jointly and severally liable for any payments that may still be outstanding at the time of the replacement. The organiser will charge administration costs and possibly other costs too, for example if rearrangement of the ensembles is necessary. We will of course communicate about this in advance to find a solution together.

Article 10 – Cancellation by the organiser

10.1 The organiser will only cancel the agreement under circumstances make it impossible to go ahead. We will of course inform you of this as soon as possible.

In this case you are entitled to a refund of (the already paid part of) the course fee or a proportional part thereof if the course is already underway, minus the administration costs (€1.10 or €2.20) that you have paid.

10.2 The organiser has the right to cancel the agreement without being held liable for any damage, if:

a. the number of registrations is less than the minimum number stated in the publication. Naturally, the organisation will make a decision about this as soon as possible. Of course you will also get your money back, minus the administration costs (€1.10 or €2.20) you have paid.

b. there is a case of force majeure, which is understood to mean abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances, which (as stated very officially) “are independent of the will of the person invoking it and the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions”. Force majeure includes political unrest, war, natural disasters, pandemics, scarcity, general strikes. When determining force majeure, we take into account the local conditions in the place to which the agreement relates.

So in short: you will get your money back in full, minus the administration costs (€1.10 or €2.20) you paid, if there are not enough participants to continue the course or if government measures to combat Corona, for example, do not allow a course. You will not get your money back if you do not dare to travel, while the government does not impose any restrictions. In other words, fear is not a reason for cancellation free of charge. You can of course cancel your trip against payment of cancellation costs (which you may be reimbursed by your insurance). As mentioned, you can also arrange a replacement under certain conditions.

Article 11 – Complaints

11.1 We – the teacher(s), organisation, cook and other stakeholders – do our very best to provide you with a great course. We would like to hear about any problems (for example with your hotel room) immediately so that we can work on a solution as quickly as possible.

If we have not been able to handle a problem satisfactorily on site, you can submit your complaint in writing and with substantiation within one month of the last day of the course.

11.2 The agreement and all obligations arising from it are governed by Dutch law.

Leiden, 2020